Discovery Session


The purpose of a discovery session is to explore  where you are in your life and to create some clarity around what is holding you back from living the life you imagine, and achieving the success you desire.

In opening the conversation, we will  determine your readiness to move forward and to take responsibility as the designer of your own destiny. We will also discern whether working together we would be a good fit for us both.

If the success you’ve created so far isn’t bringing you the meaning and fulfillment you thought it would, then GET STARTED TODAY.

To book your complimentary 30 – minute Discovery Session with Shelley, email her directly at


  • What your ideal life looks like
  • How you will know you have achieved your ideal life
  • Where you feel stuck
  • What your emotional triggers are
  • What limiting decisions you are making in life
  • What you believe your needs are to move forward

In deciding to move forward from the discovery session, Shelley will help you to determine whether a Personal Breakthrough or One on One Coaching would be most useful for you given your present goals.