What Others Are Saying


 As we tread our path through the often bizarre twists and turns that life throws at us, we often come across people who are “vexations to the spirit”, people whose role in life seems to be to make life difficult for others.

But, very occasionally, one comes across a gem, someone who sparkles in the firmament, someone whose very presence lights up the world around them. Someone when, from whom one sees a note or email, brings a smile to one’s face before that note is even read.

These people are as rare as hen’s teeth and need often to be nurtured, to be cherished as they too have their hurts and horrors but somehow they have retained an essence, a spirit of engagement and of joie de vivre that often belies the world they seem to inhabit.

Shelley Lundquist is just such a person. At the simple level, her prose and poetry explore feelings and areas that sweep the reader away from the mundane, into a world of word play, of nuance, of alluring alliteration that insists that her often testing words be read and enjoyed. Once Red’s word are read, you remain “read”. That Shelley also sees the wider good in the world, that she is willing to share her sense of wonder at what is right and true, that she is able to craft sentences and phrases that make one wish that one had half that craft and skill, makes her a delight to know and read.

I for one will be buying her anthology!

~ David Fitzpatrick, an ex-pat Welshman in Hertfordshire


Whereas most people are prone to judgment, Shelley practices the art of discernment. Because of this, she has a unique ability to see the intangible – both obstacles and opportunities, and respond to both with inspired creativity. This makes her a capable leader, an insightful mentor, but best of all – it makes her deeply connected to all that is.

No matter the endeavor, Shelley can be counted on to infuse it with vibrant enthusiasm.

As a writer, Shelley sparkles. She combines a fiery passion, a strong intuitive sense, a profound intellect and a deep sensitivity to convert words into images and emotions. Her writing bears her unmistakable stamp of renegade style and classic integrity.

I feel honoured and privileged to have known Shelley in business, community and especially in friendship as she is one of those rare individuals who defines authenticity.

~ Cathryn Vrancic, Aurora, ON