Self-Mastery for Success

The purpose of  Self-Mastery Coaching is to help you get out of your own way and breakthrough to the magnificence of you.

The objective is also to help you shift your perception, move from resistance to acceptance,  open your heart and mind,  learn to face your fears,  overcome hidden obstacles and limiting beliefs, discover a new clarity combined  with the knowledge that we all create the lives we live, and  ultimately,  to discover your own inner light.

Shelley will guide you as you face the biggest walls you will ever climb – the walls you have built in your own mind. She will help you learn to see yourself and others through eyes of compassion and to understand that there are no wrong-turns in life, only unforeseen opportunities and wonderful new awarenesses.

Wherever you are on your journey, Shelley will help you find the courage  to continue to discover yourself through unexpected challenges and to step into your true potential. Over time, you will learn to listen and trust your own intuition as you create your own opus in harmony with the Universe.

You will learn to take action and to let go of all the barriers and roadblocks that hold you back.


Shelley can help you:

  • Gain improved clarity on your ideal life and vision for success.
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Enhance the skills, resources, and creativity you already have
  • Improve your performance and enhance the quality of your life
  • Create more impact with your actions
  • Learn to let go and to have more fun
  • Discover your true calling
  • Break free from limiting beliefs.
  • Learn to create the future you imagine.
  • Explore your core values to determine if they are in alignment with your goals
  • Uncover hidden barriers and obstacles that cause unwanted behaviors that keep you stuck
  •  Dig down to the root causes of the fear, anxiety, doubt, and self-sabotaging habits that are holding you back, and release them permanently
  • Create a “next-step” action plan so you take the right actions to achieve your goals
  • End your procrastination by focusing on one simple task at the time so that you can reach your goals
  • Become more confident and productive and experience the exhilaration of knowing “you can”
  • Learn to access the Light within to discover the magnificent truth of who you already are


Personal Breakthrough 

A PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH  is a one-on-one personal development program that is specifically designed and tailored to address a client’s unique needs and concerns.  The Personal Breakthrough process is designed to help you overcome any perceived blocks, as well as those out of your awareness, that are holding you back.

  • Is a new meaningful life calling to you?
  • Are you tired and can’t focus?
  • Are you afraid to fail or afraid to succeed?
  • Do you find yourself resistant to doing the things you have to do?
  • Are you unmotivated or do you excel at procrastinating?
  • Are you a perfectionist?
  • Are you confused and lacking direction?
  • Do you feel stuck and hopeless?
  • Do you want to achieve Peak Performance in any area of your life?

If you can answer any of these questions with a “yes” – then a personal breakthrough is right for you. Choose ONE of these areas for your breakthrough focus.

  • Self-Empowerment and finding the confidence to trust yourself
  • Creating Meaningful Relationships
  • Illuminating Your Career Path – Career Development
  • Overcoming Business Challenges – for More Profit, More Impact, More Fun
  • Physical Health and Well Being
  • Mental & Emotional Health Issues

* The initial intake with detailed personal history (2-3 hours) and will be applied to the full fee if you decide to proceed with the breakthrough.


A PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH consists of these steps:

  • Getting to the root cause of whatever is holding you back and bringing you into awareness of how you relate to the world around you.
  • Letting go of all of the barriers and roadblocks from the past.  At the end of this step, you will be feel lighter, more in tune with who you really are, and better able to see the bright future that awaits you.
  • Creating new, empowering goals and strategies,  and aligning your values to get you your desired outcomes. By the end of this step you will have a personal mission statement, a solid sense of purpose, a sense of clarity and direction in your life.


During your Personal Breakthrough sessions, you will be relaxed, tune in to your true desires, discover a new way to think , as well as develop new awarenesses to recognise new opportunities. Commit to the process and you WILL build a solid foundation for continued growth and the results you desire.  You will have incredible life-changing results that will last.

Shelley’s Guarantee

In your first session with me, you will determine how you will know when you’ve achieved success. From there, I will determine how long your breakthrough will take. I guarantee to get you to the results you specify as long as you fully commit to the entire process.

I believe in what I do and am 100% confident in the outcome. I want you to be that convinced as well. That is the basis for my  guarantee. Simple, sweet and based on you.

If you are interested in the breakthrough process, please contact Shelley  at to book your free  discovery session.

Payment plans are   available.