Dear Resistance,

Why do you toy with me so?  Have you nothing better to do? Have the Gods so cruelly cursed you with such a terrible task? Is this your punishment for some wretched trespass?  Is your destiny to seduce me from mine?  Let me alone.  I want no part of your penance.  I have my own to worry about.

I should never have entertained you. I was so beguiled by your sweet breath.  You incessantly whisper sweet nothings in my ear, distracting me, teasing me from the task at hand.  You woo me with your wiles, and I, unwittingly, give in to temptation.  You watch me amused.  And I watch you as you stomp on my dreams, daring me to stomp them with you. Neglected grapes that will never be turned to fine wine.

This is not the ideal love affair.  The hours we while away only rob me of my imagination, my pride, and my sense of accomplishment.  Are you so cold that you care not at all? Are your own dreams so distant that you cannot understand?

Why, oh why, won’t you just go away and leave me be with the courage of my conviction?  You leave me feeling used, abused, neglected, and ashamed. You are verily evil incarnate.

Why can I not break this asphyxiating bond?

I do not know what is this irresistible power you wield over me. Some ancient alchemy? Some sordid spell? Some intoxicating elixir that you slipped to me, when I was lost in reverie?

I do not want your sorcery.  I do not want your gold. The only mettle I wish to transform is my own; to the gilded glory of the written word on my page.  In fact, any words on the page would almost do.

I acknowledge you.  I bear witness to your beingness.  Through witnessing, I am told I will l find my way to my inner truth.  I know you will be there snapping at my heels. But I will find a way to pay you no heed.

My own philosopher’s stone is here hidden in my soul.  And I will step toward the journey to my own magnum Opus.

Someday, I will break this bond. And to your brother, surrender, I will flee, to finally find myself set free.

Till then, do me a favour. Please stay at a hotel next time you’re in town.  Hell, I’ll even pay for it, myself.

It seems I always do.



Please feel free to share your thoughts and comment, or to write your own letter to resistance, and copy it here.


15 Responses to Dear Resistance…

  1. Rg says:

    That was an excellent well worded write, Shelley! Impressive and entertaining. ..what hotel will you put me in? …lol..

  2. Tamara says:

    Beautifully put – love the signing off! Thank you for sharing! Let me know the name of the hotel so I will not room with resistance again.

    • Lol… the poor fellow! I think he is meant to visit people who work too much… and who should resist incessant over-drive for a little fun and frolic.

      I’ll be sure to let you know the name of the hotel! : )

  3. Such feeling and expressive writing, Shelley!  I could feel you resisting that asphyxiating bond!

  4. Fools Gold – A Poem  by 1emeraldcity

    Why are those starsJust a little out of reachWhy does the moon evade meWhere are those words promised me?

    The sun casts searing looksThe moon looks  down and sneersMy flowers toss in bedsWho sees me through this patch?

    My muse circles me, teases meFlirts and sasses meTosses me little bones of love wordsBut he will not take my hand and lead me

    I want to stir, to move, to touchthose human hearts and souls

    This, then, is my questFor words to elevate,To cause a smile, a laughTo create a tear or two

    No, I will not restring old pearlsI will dig and mine and strike fools’ goldBut the mother lode is thereI know.

  5. Mila Araujo says:

    That was beautifully written 🙂 you are so creative and talented. @letmemoveyou:twitter thank you for that piece its a delightful smile & reminder of that which holds us back, that should never be!

    • Thanks, Mila. I agree. Each time we allow ourselves to be fettered, we give away a piece of ourselves. We have to honour our dreams and take steps toward them… even if just a baby step at a time.

  6. MELISASource says:

    Wow this was very moving. I applaud you for outwardtly expressing the thoughts and emotions that so many others keep locked away inside.

    • Thanks so much! I believe it’s much better to get feelings and turmoil out rather than to keep it bottled up inside. Bottling waters the thirst of resistance and we remain stuck. It is a choice to resist… even if it’s not always easy.

  7. Taramarkus says:

    Bravo Shelley!  I celebrate you! Your heart and soul-purpose illuminate your brilliance!
    You add joy and light to the world.  

    “YOU be YOU…because YOU are Sensational! ”

    In Celebration,

    • Thank you so much, Tara! You ALWAYS make me feel so sensational! Maybe I will hold that today and not let Resistance in the door!

      And I am so glad that YOU are YOU… because YOU are SENSATIONAL!

      Hope we meet in person one day so that we can celebrate together!

  8. Niki Lundquist says:

    How lovely to discover parts of you I have never met.

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