Let the osprey bode
my biding’s death
for in fine
‘twould seem
I brook
and the planets
once adverse
now break
and by ancient Sibyls
perchance foretold
my fortune in favour
have I finally found
for the nonce – uncoloured
my reward – unforged
for amidst
did I find



5 Responses to My Fortune

  1. Jeff YIWrite says:

    Phoenix from the
    ashes.  A predator  terrorizes but does not defeat.  Instead emerging  resolve, strength . . . finally, new


    It seems to me this
    is a recurring  theme of your poems
    and written with an eloquence and fluidity that could be expressed only by one
    deeply in touch with her feelings. 


    Maybe I’m making
    more from this than you intended,  but
    these are my thoughts.

    • Interesting thoughts. I had not looked at this poem that way.  A phoenix rising. I like it. I had felt lost and then discovered my way. And certainly there was terror in other pieces -and in “Drowning”- even defeat. Others still – magical or joyful. I would like to think I am deeply in touch with my feelings, though am surprised by them at times. Words have always been a gift, and through them I can share my stories and my heart. Thank you for sharing yours, Jeff. : )

  2. Joe Bunting says:

    This is wonderful, Shelley. I loved the oldschool language. I haven’t heard “nonce” since my college days!

    I love those last three lines, “for amidst / did I find / me.” Beautiful

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