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For so many years I  believed that I was not worthy of great things, of passion, or even of happiness. I existed on the periphery of belonging, feeling isolated and disconnected.  I tried becoming what I thought others wanted me …

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So what would you think if I told you that your thoughts have an impact on your very neurology and that you can hardwire your brain to develop your abilities?

If you’re like most people, you leave your brain in …

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I am the designer of my destiny, as you are of yours.

Easier said than done? Not once you learn how easy it really is.

Wherever you are on your journey, and whatever you encounter, you will continue to discover …

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Emotional suffering and adversity will often lead to the  learning of important life lessons and to the embracing of beautiful inner truths.

All suffering is caused as a result of choosing false and limiting beliefs – that you have accepted …

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I am incessantly amazed at how easily some people surrender their power.

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

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Today do something untraditional, unconventional and unexpected. LIVE through your fearless spirit.

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Inspired by my good friend Jon Mertz, of Thin Difference, who wrote his own post called Live an Unlife Life, I  proffer this UNpost.

I …

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And so it is true, that most of us spend much of our time “elsewhere” and not truly living in the present moment. We fret about things that have happened, and worry about things that might. By doing this, we …

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I haven’t written a new post in quite a while. My last post I Believe I Can Fly really opened my eyes to some startling truths.  As a result, I had some messy work to do.

The thing about awareness …

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