I am the designer of my destiny, as you are of yours.

Easier said than done? Not once you learn how easy it really is.

Wherever you are on your journey, and whatever you encounter, you will continue to discover yourself through unexpected challenges and learn to step into your true potential. Life flows more easily when you learn to trust your own intuition. Be courageous and walk through fear. The reward is breathtaking.

It is truly a blessing to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and to go on this journey of human discovery to unearth the magnificence of your own inner Light. With every step you take, you create your own opus in harmony with the Universe. If you have not yet discovered your own magnificence, and you are not living the life you want to lead, there are steps you can take to begin to uncover the beautiful you that you always wanted to be – the beautiful you that you already are.

Imagine a life filled with more clarity, more peace, more success and of course, more fun.

YOU WANT THAT, don’t you?

Isn’t it time to stop imagining and start living it?

There are the four essential steps for creating meaningful change in your life.  That doesn’t sound so hard, does it? Just four steps to freedom, to fulfillment, to FABULOUS! And those same four steps to embrace the truth of who you are. That’s a lot of reward for just 4 simple steps!

The Four Steps that will set you free :

  • Move From Floundering to Flow: Release your negative emotions, your limiting decisions, and your past patterns and strategies that do not serve you
  • Stop the Insanity Struggle: Focus on solution and what you truly want. Energy flows to where attention goes. You get what you focus on whether you want it or not, so stop focusing on fear.
  • Shift From Sabotage to Success: Let your actions indicate your intentions. Make choices that take you closer to your dreams instead of away from them.
  • Discover the Magic of Mind Mastery: Accept your power and understand that you are the cause of how you experience your life. You are the designer of your destiny.

As you take each step and reach the landing,  you may be astonished that change can be so instantaneous and so all encompassing. It’s always so amazing when you first discover that you really did have the power all along.

Start where ever you are now and know that you matter. Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know until you learned it. Within you is the wisdom, the strength, and the courage to own your path, to wield your own magic, and to design your destiny.

You came into this world as Love – pure and unselfish – beholding the world as a magical place, and seeing everything simply, for what it is. As a small child, you beheld everything without judgement, and with a wide-eyed sense of wonder. This is how life is meant to be lived; but, as you  grew older, you learned to live small, as we all do, you allowed your light to be dimmed with layers of fear.

Step out of the shadows and come live in your Light – the Light that has always been there, waiting for you to uncover it and reclaim your magnificence. You are a beautiful bright spirit maneuvering your way through a human awakening. There is greatness within you. Let it shine.

The Light in me honours the Light in You.



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36 Responses to Four Steps to Freedom

  1. Me says:

    You are a beautiful bright spirit maneuvering your way through a human awakening. There is greatness within you. Let it shine.

  2. Ralene Berry says:

    Wow, beautifully written. My favorite is “Shift from Sabotage to Success.” What a profound way to change ones view and point to the choice of being successful. It is a choice one makes by shift of attitudes, ideals, focus, and so much more. I love it and will truly share. Blessings.

    • Shelley Lundquist says:

      Thanks, Ralene. Life truly does become so much easier when our actions demonstrate our intentions and not just the chaos of being led by emotion. 🙂

  3. Jackie Bernardi says:

    Love this Shell!

  4. Laura Clark ~ Your Soul Wise Living Mentor says:

    Four Steps~~~ how easy is that 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’ve found that when I add being CURIOUS to focusing on the solutions to stop the insanity ~ life becomes so much more joy~filled!

  5. Mary Robertson says:

    I was actually working on this subject and found this to be so encouraging. Very well written and your four steps are great guidelines. Thank you!

    • Shelley Lundquist says:

      Thanks, Mary. I could certainly have created many sub-steps… but i was trying to keep it simple.

      I am glad you found encouragement here. And i can’t wait to see where your own journey takes you. 🙂

  6. Sheila Callaham says:

    Delightfully written! Encouraging, easy to follow, my spirit feels lifted!

  7. Candi Deal says:

    Very basic yet profound message in these words. Love the positivity!

    • Shelley Lundquist says:

      Thank you, Candi! Staying positive and accepting responsibility will get you pretty much anywhere!

  8. Minette says:

    This was my favorite of the four: Stop the Insanity Struggle: Focus on solution and what you truly want. Energy flows to where attention goes. You get what you focus on whether you want it or not, so stop focusing on fear. I so believe this! The more we focus on what we do want, the more we are able to attract it. I have noticed that just shifting my belief about something can help me get out of fear and back into action!
    Minette Riordan, Ph.D.
    CEO, MinetteRiordan.com

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    • Shelley Lundquist says:

      I believe it too, Minette! Fear holds us back more than anything else does. and when we focus on what we lack, we get more lack. When we focus on the abundance of the blessings we already have, we get more abundance!

  9. Andrea says:

    I really like your Four Simple Steps. Simple but not easy… stated in a manner that is easy to remember. Thanks!

    Andrea Patten

    • Shelley Lundquist says:

      Thank you, Andrea. The steps are always as easy or as difficult as we need to make them to get the value we think we need. It’s an odd thing, really. Some of us humans seem to believe the harder something comes, the more value it has. But when we move from resistance to acceptance, the rewards flow much more easily.

  10. Nadia@happywholesomelife.com says:

    Beautiful lightness, play, positivity, and sparkle. Wonderful to read. And love 4 concrete steps 🙂

  11. Kellie says:

    Wonderful tips! They are so focused and specific- what we all need to have success. I feel like I just got hit with an arrow of intention!

  12. Laurie Seymour says:

    My heart read this with such a big Yes! I found myself moved by the energy of your words. Your tips were simply the icing on a very delicious cake. All that is needed is to breathe in the energy here and fear has no place to exist.

    • Shelley Lundquist says:

      Oh, Laurie. You’re lovely. And your own energy flows through your words. You bring with you a wonderful lightness of being. And I am grateful.

  13. Debra Oakland says:

    Excellent steps to reach the ‘landing’ Shelley. Each one is essential to living a well rounded life. You hit the nail on the head with these four freedom steps. 🙂

    • Shelley Lundquist says:

      Thank you, dear Debra. I know you know these steps very well. Your own journey has been one of courage and overcoming. And your light shines so very brightly, my friend.

  14. Kristi Ling says:

    Love this. We choose and create the way we experience life.

  15. Joy Balma says:

    You are a beautiful bright spirit maneuvering your way through a human awakening.

    This is beautiful. Thanks for this,


    • Shelley Lundquist says:

      I think that’s my favourite line, Joy. Everyone is looking for a spiritual awakening, but we are already that which we seek. when we embrace the truth of who we are, we see that it is in our physical form that we must awaken. This is what the journey is all about. Awakening to be love in action.

  16. Debra Reble says:

    Thank you for this lovely reminder Shelley! I love your new e-book and can’t wait to read it! Much love and blessings, Debra

    • Shelley Lundquist says:

      Thanks, Debra! Eek! As soonas it went up, I wanted to write so much more! I expect there will be many extended versions of it!

      Much love and many blessings to you, dear friend.

  17. Sheila Kennedy says:

    Love your four steps! What a beautiful post! You are a beautiful soul!

  18. Peggy Nolan says:

    Dear Shelley,

    Beautifully written. I love “Stop the Insanity Struggle.” 🙂 I like to tell people that you can get off the crazy-go-round any time you decide you’ve had enough of the ride 🙂


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