Eyes not yet open, I slide back
indulgently nuzzling in
Feeling the warmth of his breath
where wisps of auburn splay on naked nape
His strong arm wraps around me
I attempt to retreat anew to reverie

One of my ear plugs has abandoned its post
the other has wiggled it’s way loose
traitorously too threatening truancy

My mind meanders
I search for the passage back to the dream world
settling serenely on recent reminiscing
just scant hours before
His gentle hands slowly caressing my flesh
softly scattering kisses and I can barely breathe
We move together in bliss
surrendering to lustrous lights and rapture
Even now I tremble, lost

til the last mini marshmallow tumbles from my ear
and portal to paradise is swift dissolving

An irksome cacophony has commenced
outside my window
a maddening murder of crows
which I would at this moment
like to murder myself

I try to jam the earplugs back in place
but I know it’s of no avail
my eyes have now popped open
there’s no going back

Time to get up

Pushing aside murderous musings I turn to him
tenderly brushing his wrinkled brow with loving lips
a smile lingers and lights my face
as I reach for my morning mantle
I am startled as he springs up unexpectedly
and is down the stairs before me
Envious of his astonishing agility
I hobble my way down the stairs
with aching arches

He sets the coffee to brewing
plugs the kettle in for my tea
turning toward me with an impish smile
sweeping me suddenly up in his arms
and eading me lavishly around the kitchen
I no longer notice my aching feet
they seem to be floating on air
While our laughter takes the place of the lyrics
of the marvellous melody that only we can hear

As his warm lips brush my brow
I know I no longer need to search in slumber
For I find myself lost awake and found
already living more wonderful dreams
than my mind’s eye ever imagined.



9 Responses to In Dreams Awake

  1. brian miller says:

    i find myself lost awake and found…thanks for the smiles this tender bit of intimacy of kisses shared on brows…lovely

  2. Natasha says:

    Well…color me a tad bit envious! I think this is a very intimate share you’ve given us, inviting us in to your waking world.  The write is alive with emotion, from the frustration at the crows (Loved that) to the race down the stairs.  Every verse dances with a poetic realism that I think is fantastic…and I’m still jealous!  And don’t forget…we’ve got all day to play! 😉

    • Lol… I have a great imagination! Thank you so much for your kind comments. I am not sure why sharing such an intimate moment left me feeling so much more vulnerable to comments on the rendering of it all. Now feeling relieved and thankful. Thank YOU. : )

  3. Jeff says:

    The music of the
    dream, the rapture of the dreamer, the velvet voice who is the poet —Tender,
    passionate, sensuous , delightful.


    Alluring  alliteration: ”  . . settling serenely on recent reminiscing
    . . ”


    Whomever is the
    object of your affection must know these words? 


  4. Katherine Krige says:

    What a beautiful scene you set

  5. Jaydean Krupski says:

    Love it!! That is exactly my favorite type of poem. I like to read poems about thoughts, feelings and relationships and that is what I like to write as well!! I wish I would have wrote it and wonder if I can steal some of your words that jumped out at me:
     splay on naked nape
    threatening truancy 
    portal to paradise 
    our laughter takes the place of the lyrics 
    Love these lines, great job and thanks for sharing!!

    Jaydean Krupski ~ @starlingpoet:twitter 

  6. Deeone Higgs says:

    Wow Shelley! This was and intense but extremely romantic poetic ride that I personally enjoyed reading. You placed every word in it’s proper place that allowed the reader to envision the passion that took place. This was a remarkable display of talent. You really allowed the reader to truly understand the power of love and being totally connected on personal loving level. Great Post! 🙂

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