she sashayed her way across the floor
flaxen pixie cut perfectly framing her  fair face
wide set emerald eyes still radiant with hope
for castles she had built on air

a smile danced flirtatiously
at the corner of luscious ruby-painted lips
dazzling diamonds surrounding sparkling sapphire
nestled snugly between barely covered breasts

Rumi  drew the gaze of every male in her midst
with the mesmerizing melody of her movement

they did not see what I saw
a ravenous soul crying out to be fed
fantasizing a fairy tale ending
that would never fit her preferences

Instead she earned a few lascivious leers
at least half as many sanctimonious scowls
from disapproving ladies who promptly placed
protective hands on the arms of their gents

her little black dress
squeezed silicone gel sweet rolls
just enough to titillate
while the hem so hazardously high
drew lustful eyes the full length of her legs
strappy sandals fastened playfully
around ankles adorably bare
causing women wearing cankles
to cross them insecurely

Annie! I’m so glad you’re here!
she gushed graciously grabbing me
doling out a huge hug and congenial kisses
one on each cheek

her sincerity was irresistible
heart stapled to her sleeve
and I felt the mysterious magic
that fuelled our odd friendship

so different, yet somehow kindred

she twinkled mischievously and I twinkled back
arms linked we sashayed our way across the floor

Two souls who saw in each other
what nobody else could see



28 Responses to kindred

  1. Rg says:

    Like a lone wolf, with hungry eyes, stalking in the shadows hoping to see more. This poem is voluptuous delicious. Encore!

  2. bmiller007 says:

    smiles…this is lovely…and how great to have a friend like that as well that makes you feel so special…nice capture of the scene as well…was heading another direction as i read…

  3. Claudia says:

    think that’s the magic about friendship…seeing the other as he is not as what they seem to be…enjoyed your poem a lot

  4. Pat Hatt says:

    Always grand to have a friend that can evoke such feelings, nicely written!

  5. Victoria says:

    I love the ending of this.  And “silicone gel sweet rolls!?” Too clever.

  6. yes…we all can relate to this 🙂
    You’ve described one single magical moment b/w friends….a feeling that always seems to repeat itself when “life” gets in the way….
    this warms my heart….great read! 

  7. Heaven says:

    You write very well..enjoyed all the details….I do like the ending..two souls who understand each other ~

    Great to meet you at D’verse ~  

  8. Beth Winter says:

    Oh, my… I wanted the story to continue. Wonderfully written. It pulled me from one line to the next.

  9. Jeff says:

    She is you.  You are her.A sultry
    characterization, the vixen on parade , done with language sensual and intrigue
    at the end.
    I suspect this could
    be the genesis for a prosaic effort, a novella or short story, developing the
    ‘mystery’ at the end, soul searching and the like.

    • Maybe so. In many ways we are the same. And it must be those similarities that have called us together. That, and we we each seem to fill a void for each other, and grow together.

      I suspect you are quite right… something more will surely come of this. : )

  10. AudreyHowitt says:

    Lovely –there is a magical feel to this for me–and maybe the two souls are more similar than dissimilar–


  11. Deeone Higgs says:

    I loved the ending line, “Two souls who saw in each other what nobody else could see” It was so powerful. I know exactly what you were talking about here, Shelley! We’re blessed if we find that kindred spirit, and if we are ready for them when they arrive; they should feel just as blessed to have found us as well. 

  12. Louise says:

    A wonderful capture of the joy of friendship & of how much we go by appearance….delicious language & a pleasure to read!

  13. Janice @ Mommy's Lounge says:

    Oh I feel so sad for her. I have seen many a lady like this before. If she were a true person, and you her real friend, then she is lucky to have you.  And if this be only fiction, well, it is still a moving piece. Well done!

  14. Kellianne says:

    Very artfully expressed on different level 🙂 

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  17. Todd Karlen says:

    A beautiful, well written story. Love the ending Shelley. I’m not a religious man, but it reminds me a a beautiful song. The lyrics in the song go something like this, “I’m gonna look twice, until I see the christ in you” Perception is everything and if we spend the time and look close enough, we’ll see through it all and see the soul of a friend.

    Awesome Shelly….awesome. Keep it up 🙂

  18. Shanna says:

    Beautiful <3 still my very favorite!!

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