fractals fade – fusing

layers of paths overlapping
swirling vortices of sapphire
laced with fuchsia
woven with violaceous light

demons decamp defeated
as artist caresses canvas
life through filament flows
crying out loud in coloured acrylic

raw timbre of truth
wrenched from every whit
unveils the artist
as there he hangs on exhibit

his soul-soaked canvas
dripping with his dreams



This poem was inspired by Nathan Eckenrode’s painting, “Swirling Vortices”.
“Swirling Vortices” is a 18″ by 48″ acrylic and shaving cream on plywood.
You can see it at the following link:

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16 Responses to Out Loud In Coloured Acrylic

  1. Jeff says:

    After reading your piece, I think I would have seen that painting even if you hadn’t pictured it there.

    There is soul in your words, the kaleidoscope of colors that they are.  A metaphor perhaps:  The painter, the writer reaching deep down to get out what is within. 

    Nicely done.


  2. Pat Hatt says:

    Like how you played with color in your verse, very nicely done!

  3. bmiller007 says:

    the artist hanging on the canvas…soul soaked…yeah man…true artists that is what they do…smiles….

  4. Claudia says:

    his soul soaked canvas dripping with his dreams..i like how you weave the artist’s soul into the color vortices… they can’t and shouldn’t be separated…very nice…

  5. Gay Cannon says:

    That’s as good a definition of what it’s like to be an artist as any I’ve ever read. Especially like this ”
    layers of paths overlapping

    swirling vortices of sapphire
    laced with fuchsia
    woven with violaceous light”.Wonderful.

  6. Natasha says:

    Fantastic! Your words sum up the emotion that comes with getting it out on the canvass. even without the image, I think you have mastered it in words.  I am moved! 

  7. AudreyHowitt says:

    Artistry at its best and beautifully described!

  8. Beautiful, really, a lovely, lovely write.

  9. Tony says:

    shadow spirits emerge
    as artist caresses canvas …

    or as poet taps gently on keyboard?

    Lovely exposition of the outworking of creativity and the vulnerability of putting our work on display.

  10. ~L says:

    this left me with chills.  Beyond beautiful!

  11. hedge witch says:

    Your use of description is really strong, the colors are very visual and vibrant, and the last stanza an excellent reveal and ending. Good stuff.

  12. Beth Winter says:

    This is beautiful. With your careful word choices and flow, you gently created the image of a soul.

  13. Janice @ Mommy's Lounge says:

    I can totally feel the flow in your words just as the artist had let the paint flow from his brush. Wonderful!

  14. Jaydeansaskcan says:

    Beautiful visions you’ve created! So many great lines – too many to just point out a couple! You always motivate me to write after I read your poetry. Thanks for sharing – Jaydean @starlingpoet

  15. Bob Francis says:

    violaceous light = ♥

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