Plights faith mine heart, of such glorious bliss
And therein giveth nourishment to this
Mine ladened spirit, not to langour
and mine sorrow’s premise, casts not anchor
Whilst bide my thirsty eyes, for sight of thee,
sweet remembrance, leadeth me to reverie

And thy fairness, doth my sightless stare espy
as Argus eyes, miss naught, as o’er thee by
Mine feverish lips to press, lost, at thy naked nape
where titian tendrils tend, and there do delicate drape
Copper kisses scatter, ‘bout thy silken skin
there, assured set, by most celestial seraphim

The sweetness of thy lovely lips, I long, to linger taste
o’ let me drink eternity, mine heart doth cry for haste!
I wonder, didst thou e’er, drink from the river mead
a’ journey , breath, ‘n empyrean weald, to ‘suage a swelling need
‘Twas tho, I, myself, didst drink from’t, when my lips did on thine light
and didst, verily, intoxicate, let fly mine soul to soar on height

As a queen’s most beauteous bauble, thine eyes do twinkle bright
And the radiance of thine unfeigned smile, doth mine very pith ignite
Than the ancient balm of Gilead, more soothe to me thy presence
And doth cleanse mine tainted spirit, by the potence of it’s essence
This once so weary heart, doth present sing, with quiet elation
‘pon mere thought of thee, ‘tis drawn embold’ by inspiration

E’en in silent slumber, thy charms do swift lay siege
o’ fain, how I yearn, to tend thee, my liege
Thy ev’ry command to mine ears – ist sweet euphony
More dulcet than cerulean’s purest of melody
To thy bidding, I wouldst flight, hwaether prime by dead of night
Or peep o’ day, aurora, bright, these feet shalt carry, e’er light

Mine spirit doth wring from, ev’ry whit, a welkin ring
‘pon heavens grace, and prayers reward, this soul shalt splendor sing
‘Pon thy return, the osprey, shalt bode, my bidings death
‘til joyous is this moment bourn, I bide, with bated breath…

So ‘til anew we join, and mine eyes shalt find thine there
ne’er distant dreams shalt carry me… as a lilt doth light on air…



15 Responses to Reverie

  1. Dreamersteve_99 says:

    wow…as a man doth breathe..and the monsters of life..crawl all over him..your words sigh so the yearning of the soul of him …nice…is not over the top..beautiful..

    • “The words sigh so sweet” Thank you so much Steve! I am rarely moved to write in this style but loved the way this piece turned out. A flowy, romantic, reverie. I’m glad you found it beautiful. I do too. : )

  2. Jeff YIWrite says:

    This a most tender piece, thoughtfully sensuous and dripping of longing and passion.

    There is such lovely rhythm in, “I wonder, didst thou e’er drink from the river mead a’
    journey, breath, ‘n empyrean weald, to ‘suage a swelling need . . . ”    My heart beats fast.

    Whomever is the object of such intense affection, should he know it, would n’er wander too far beyond these words.


  3. Anonymous says:

    this is a really lovely piece with an enchanting rhythm within it…i lost myself a bit in your words, but in a good way…smiles.

  4. Pat Hatt says:

    One truly can get lost in your words, amazing piece, loved the story feel to it, made me almost a little light on air, or is that just because I’m light headed..haha

  5. Shashi says:

    Your style and poetry is epic.. and the image transported me to those times… I enjoyed it…
    Thanks for sharing…
    Shashiॐ नमः शिवाय Om Namah Shivaya

  6. Natasha Head says:

    Shelley! This is, quite simply, fantastic! You show amazing skill with the way you have controlled this stunning verse, and it is just an awesome read out loud..(I shared it with my office peeps…You’ve won my office share of the day!) The language is timeless, the imagery stunning, and I have to agree with Shashi in his use of the word epic…couldn’t have said it better myself! Beautiful!

    • Thank you so much Natasha! It flowed from my heart – my muse was definitely with me that day. I love this piece. The anticipation, the lingering, the love… didn’t know i had it in me!

  7. Joe Hesch says:

    Transported to another time by this piece, Shelley! And the accompanying illustration imparts even greater sense of historic, if not Biblical, abandon. I would have such difficulty trying my hand at this type of piece, which you’ve crafted impressively well.

  8. Claudia jaywalking the moon says:

    i agree with joe.. the piece transportes one to another time… beautiful

  9. hedge witch says:

    Shelley, twitter is not allowing me to access your message right now, or much of anything else. but I wanted to let you know I received it and have tried to respond. Thank you for your kind comment on my site.

  10. tasty and full of lust,

    love your poetry, well done.


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