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For so many years I  believed that I was not worthy of great things, of passion, or even of happiness. I existed on the periphery of belonging, feeling isolated and disconnected.  I tried becoming what I thought others wanted me …

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What a whirlwind the past two weeks have been!

The #ChoosingHappiness excitement that’s gone viral, my story CRIMSON FLOWERS is featured in the transformational book Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness published by Inspired Living Publishing.

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Wishes for a gentle leap into the new year, new age and new you:

May you receive all that you have been asking for with ease, grace and gentleness.

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The title of this guest post strikes such a chord with me.  It is so true that what we look for is what we see.

When we look through eyes of love and compassion, and we look for the goodness …

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The Secret is… you have everything you need right there inside you.

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You are Magnificence in human form.

You are free to be yourself.

You are the perfection of Life.

Beautiful affirmations for a joy-filled life:

Do …

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I’ve always believed that the greatest gift we can share with those we love is time.  And it’s about quality, not quantity.  There is so much you can say and do with a little time.  It always makes a difference.…

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I haven’t written a new post in quite a while. My last post I Believe I Can Fly really opened my eyes to some startling truths.  As a result, I had some messy work to do.

The thing about awareness …

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“Business demands faith, compels earnestness, requires courage, is honestly selfish, is penalized for mistakes, and is the essence of life.”  William Feather

I came across this quote recently and decided to use it as a focus for this week’s post. …

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“Everything that doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. And later on you can use it in some story.” ~ Tapani Bagge

I fretfully experienced my very first “twitter terror” the other night. So taken aback was I by the episode, …

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