You are Magnificence in human form.

You are free to be yourself.

You are the perfection of Life.

Beautiful affirmations for a joy-filled life:

Do you live a joy-filled life?

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19 Responses to The Secret to You

  1. Deone Higgs says:

    Beautiful message, Shelley! It resonated deeply with me.

    For quite much of my life I spent effortless amounts of time trying to understand things that didn’t need my understanding at all. Many of them had already taken place and were apart of what we call the past, or history. Then there were all the wishes, desires, and wants of the future.

    It wasn’t until I was able to go within and begin to understand that all I’ve ever needed to make this journey was already available to me. I am already fully equipped to be Deone. By accepting who I am, I’ve discovered so much more about the person I can potentially become.

    Need I say, the journey just got a little more interesting. 😉

    Thanks for the inspiration, beloved. Enjoyed the message and the video.

    • Thank you, dearest Deone.

      My journey has been much the same. I still catch myself doing the same sometimes – seeking to understand things that simply are.

      I am guilty of looking back and longing, just as much as focusing on wishes, desires and wants for the future. It is living in the now, that is the real gift.

      Sometimes, it is hard to unlearn a habit or a way of being when you don’t even realise you’re doing it! It’s the curse of the monkey mind. But as long as I catch myself and continue to develop an awareness, I can choose to make conscious change.

      Living in the now in full acceptance of who and where I am.

      I am blessed, I am beautiful, and I am whole in every moment. And as long as I stay open, the possibilities are endless!

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful light. You matter to me, my wonderful friend. xo

  2. David says:

    This is a wonderful message, Shelley!! I so identify with this!! Love you!!


  3. Pat says:

    Thank/you once again Shelley for your gift ..of living in the moment…my favourite lesson I’ve learned on this planet….. A gift I love to share…doesn’t mater what comes into my life weather it be physical or mental pain that comes into my life I’ve learnt to breath and stay in the moment…it helps the pain to get into perspective and really live in that moment…xxx

  4. Matthew says:

    Thank you Shelly….Beautiful message!…I understand now i have the secret to my happiness, love and the abundance joy, it is just for me to focus and look within me. Life isn’t hard we just need to take it one step at a time. So many things i realize now that has deprive me of my joy, is left for me now to turn a new attitude towards them and focus on things of life and be thankful for them. Nothing like the peace and to feel the love. Thank you so much….you have done a good job to uncover this part of me, now am alive…lol

    • Hi Matthew,

      Yes, we all have the answers within us. I know these answers, and I still fall into old patterns once in awhile when I feel vulnerable. But it’s ok to falter. We are each where we are on the journey. And we can make a change by simply paying attention and developing awareness.

      I know I am the key to my own joy, as you are for yours. Be gentle with yourself and keep walking forward in love.

      Love is always the answer. xo

  5. Beautiful indeed Shelley!

    Your words touch our hearts more than you would know, so thanks for sharing them with all of us. 🙂 You have the power to move lives 🙂

    • What a very kind thing to say! Thank you! We all have the power to make a positive difference in people’s lives in our own way. You are a beautiful gift to the Universe, dear Harleena. I appreciate you and all that you are. xo

  6. donna potter says:

    You are a river of Gold!!! <3

  7. Suzie Carr says:

    Such a beautiful post that goes deep. Thank you!

  8. Shelley,

    I came over here to see what you have been writing about and love that you are sharing this wonderful secret! 🙂 We truly were created with all we need. We have all we need to be happy, successful, loving, and to experience healthy relationships. I love it!

    • Thanks for stopping by Joanne! I have been working on other projects of late and haven’t been writing blog posts. Hope to have one out this week though! Glad you enjoyed this one. It has such a powerful message! Always sending Love & Light xo

  9. Karen Jolly says:

    Shelley thank you so much for sharing this! I love you!! I have watched this so many times and cried every time because we are all so magnificent – SO magnificent! We need only tap into that truth to feel it. xo

    • We are all magnificent, Karen. Each and every one of us. And we’ll just keep on sharing that message until everybody knows it! I love you, my friend, for all that you are, and all that you do. xo

  10. pou says:

    My spouse and i delight in, cause I uncovered exactly what I used to be taking a look for. You might have wrapped up my 4 evening very long quest! The almighty Many thanks man. Have got a wonderful day time. Bye

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